How will United fair without Sir Alex?

I haven’t been to many football matches since my little flurry of games in the mid to late nineties but have rarely missed a televised game since the treble of 1999.

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Sir Alex Ferguson

That’s obviously not that impressive as United are on telly more often than most soap operas.

I’m looking forward to seeing what happens over the next few years. Fergie has announced his retirement and David Moyes will be the man to come in and try to stamp his authority on proceedings.

I hope he will be given a fairer chance than most Premier League managers today. It’s a poisoned chalice, very much like the England job. If success doesn’t come straight away then you’re labelled a failure.

Every team has their time at the top

Although when in charge of England you can only pick English players so for the most part you’re already at a disadvantage. It’s easy to say ‘give the new manager a chance’ now but I wonder how I’ll feel if United turn in to the next Leeds? That’s football I guess………..

I’m old enough and possibly mature enough now to know that my dad is right about every team having their time at the top and there is a good chance that when I’m his age I’ll be saying the same thing; but I just hope I’ll be saying it about City!

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