Tipster Wars

This season we are continuing the Tipster Wars to find out who’s the best in the country.  Battlersandbottlers writers, Mike and Dave Kehoe are pitting themselves against the biggest names in football media again. The rules are simple: Three points for a correct score, one point for a correct result, if any Tipsters fail to make their predictions any given week, then their score will be equal with that of the lowest scoring Tipster that week.

Mike came a respectable 2nd last time out but Dave has some work to do and some pride to restore after finishing 2nd bottom. By the end of the season you will know whose tips to follow to make the biggest profit on your bets.

So let’s meet our tipsters

Mark Lawrenson - BBCThe reigning Tipster champion and the man they all want to beat, football’s favourite grumpy uncle, Match of the Day’s Mark Lawrenson.

Mike Kehoe - BattlersandbottlersLooking to go one better than last season and take the crown, one of the biggest names in football blogging, it’s Battlersandbottlers’ very own Mike Kehoe.

Paul Merson - Sky SportsA solid mid table finish last term, its Sky Sports Soccer Saturday mainstay, Arsenal legend and confused cockney Paul Merson.

Dave Kehoe - BattlersandbottlersSurvived relegation by the skin of his teeth last time, and he calls himself a football blogger. “The only thing worse than being beaten by my brother was also being beaten by Merse”, to double our chances of victory Battlersandbottlers’ Dave Kehoe.

Stan Collymore - TalksportA new contender for the crown? He was a great player, is he a great tipster? Talksport presenter and Forest legend Stan Collymore. Welcome to Tipster Wars.

Neil Warnock (photo copyright Neil.Warnock_Pgcedave111)The latest contender in the Tipster Wars. No one knows more about getting a side promoted to the Premier League, and then getting sacked to watch all your good work undone by another manager. He has an astonishing seven promotions in his career as a boss, its Talksport’s guest presenter Neil Warnock.

The season so far

Cartoon illustration showing Lucky punter Copyright

Last season’s final table