Name that line up 14 answers

Champions League Final 2006: Barcelona 2-1 Arsenal

Champions League Final 2006

Name that Line-up

Name that Line-up

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Cartoon illustration of Roy Hodgson copyright BattlersandbottlersWhat must Hodgson do to deliver a trophy for England?

A look through the England squad doesn’t fill English fans with any hope.

The current squad is inferior to most that we have had for the past twenty years so let’s look to the future. Who are the young players that could potentially lead us to glory over the next ten years? Read more

How do we clean up our game?

Cartoon illustration of Joey Barton copyright battlersandbottlersThe 2011/12 season was marred by various high profile racism incidents. John Terry and Luis Suarez, two of the biggest names in the league, were both accused of racist comments on the pitch.

Over the past few years it has become more and more common to see footballers getting arrested for drink driving and early morning fights outside nightclubs.

As the Premier League grows into a bigger commercial product, the people who govern it have to find a way to maintain its image. Read more

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