Wenger’s Arsenal are tough enough for the Prem

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Arsène Wenger
Arsène Wenger claims that his side are now comfortable dealing with the physical side of the game in the Premier League.

Speaking in the Times, Wenger admitted that in the past his teams could struggle when travelling to sides such as Stoke or Bolton.

The physicality of the English game has been a talking point in the media for the past couple of days.

Wenger accused Everton of trying to employ intimidatory tactics in their 0-0 draw at the Emirates on Tuesday night.

Then on Wednesday Andy Carroll flew into a head on collision with Man Utd goalkeeper David De Gea.

English game not too physical

But Wenger doesn’t feel the game is too physical in England.

In fact he says that that competitive element to our game is one of the reasons it is so popular: “I don’t have a problem with players who go in 100 per cent because that is what you want to keep in the English game. We do not want to lose the strengths and what makes English football attractive.”

The old Arsenal were never intimidated

Interestingly, Wenger does concede that a few years ago his side were open to intimidation from physical sides: “We were for a while because we were very, very young, when players like Cesc Fàbregas were 17, we were more vulnerable at [places like] Stoke than we are today.”

But he goes on to point out that players of real quality will always be able to play, whether they are physical or not.

Using his teams of the past as an example Wenger went on to say: “I had teams before who were not vulnerable to that, too.

“When I brought a player like Robert Pirès here, or Marc Overmars or Dennis Bergkamp, they were not especially physical players. But nobody could stop them from playing their game.”

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