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Football fans are being robbed and we are too stupid to realise it

Football fans are being robbed and we shouldn’t stand for it anymore

As a lifelong Nottingham Forest fan I am more than used to having my Saturday afternoons filled with despair, heartache and frustration.

However, I can accept the team is not good enough, and the manager doesn’t know what he’s doing as part of the job of being a football fan, what I can’t accept is the feeling I am being robbed of my hard earned money by the rules of the game which seem to be built around crushing any excitement from the fans. Continue reading “Football fans are being robbed and we shouldn’t stand for it anymore”

Time to hand over the reins Fawaz… do yourself and the fans a favour

Speculation is mounting that Nottingham Forest are about to be taken over by an American consortium in a deal that will see current owner Fawaz Al Hasawi staying on as chairman and retaining a 20% stake in the club. Nick Kehoe believes this would be a mistake and that Fawaz should agree to take a back seat, for the good of the club and himself. Continue reading “Time to hand over the reins Fawaz… do yourself and the fans a favour”

Sir Alex Ferguson. Photo copyright Gordon Flood CC2

Sir Alex Ferguson’s top five signings

So many great stars have graced Manchester United during Sir Alex Ferguson’s reign. Since he became manager in 1986, he has won 12 Premier League titles and two Champions Leagues.

Sir Alex Ferguson. Photo copyright Gordon Flood CC2

Every fan will have a different opinion about who were the best signings, and may be shocked at some of the names that have been left out of my list – Denis Irwin, Mark Hughes, Rio Ferdinand, Dwight Yorke, Andy Cole and Nemanja Vidić all miss out. Continue reading “Sir Alex Ferguson’s top five signings”

Greatest non-Premier League Champions

Since the Premier League began in 1992, we have enjoyed watching some of the world’s greatest footballers in England. Here I look at the greatest players to have played in the Premiership, but never won the title.

And before Liverpool fans go mad, Steven Gerrard has been omitted because he has not yet retired and could still lay his hands on the big prize, if Man City, Man Utd, Arsenal, Chelsea, Tottenham, Newcastle and Everton all get into financial trouble and get relegated by the FA.
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Top 5 Football Underdogs

Here are my favourite underdog stories from football since I have been watching the game. See if you agree with my choices, and if I have forgotten any classic moments when David gave Goliath a good hiding?

5 Denmark 1992

Denmark shocked the football world when they won the European Championships in 1992. The finals were made up of eight teams and Denmark had actually failed to qualify for the tournament. Yugoslavia had beaten them to the top spot in their qualifying group but they were disqualified due to the Civil wars in their country. So Denmark were sent to the finals as the eighth team.
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