New video found of sexist bullies Keys and Gray

A new video of more sexist behaviour from sacked Sky Sports duo Andy Gray and Richard Keys has emerged.

Football Ramble posted a video on YouTube that looks to be from the early 2000s, of the pair chanting “Get your t*ts out for the lads” to pitchside reporter Clare Tomlinson.

Thankfully the two are no longer regulars on our screens after being booted out by Sky following off-air comments about female linesman Sian Massey.

The two men are from a different generation, and while they think they are hilarious and that their actions are just a bit of harmless fun, the rest of the 21st century views them as vulgar, arrogant bullies.

Their position as anchors for Sky’s football coverage throughout the 90s and 2000s inflated their egos beyond belief. They grew to believe that they were the stars and people were tuning in to watch their analysis. In reality, they were an annoyance that had to be tolerated by fans if they wanted to watch the game.

There have been stories in the past of Keys and Gray bullying and intimidating younger journalists within Sky Sports, believing that their seniority and position of power made them untouchable. Most notably, when Gray suggested female reporter Charlotte Jackson should help him attach his microphone around his groin.

Gray did however, make a return to British televisions as a guest pundit for BT’s coverage of the recent FA Cup tie between Stevenage and Everton.

Hopefully it was only a one-off, and BT don’t decide to inflict this idiot on football fans up and down the country for a second time.

Here’s the video.