Crazy Prem results worth £150,000 for a £1 stake!

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Week 10 of the Premier League season saw an astonishing set of results that were worth over £150,ooo for just a £1 stake to any punter lucky enough to correctly predict the results of all ten games.

The possible winnings last weekend were ten times that of the second biggest payout this season, a measly £15,501 on week 6. The average payout for ten correct results in the Premier League this season has been anything between two and ten thousand pounds.

With this in mind you may be surprised to hear that a £1 accumulator on all ten Premier League results last weekend could’ve netted you an astronomical £156,659 at Betfred. Even the bookies offering the smallest payout this week, Coral, had a whopping £120,020 available.

Undoubtedly the heroes of the weekend were Roberto Martinez’s Wigan with a huge win at White Hart Lane. Priced at 6/1 generally, the Latics took the pot into six figures for the first, and possibly only time this season.

Just to demonstrate the significance of Wigan’s victory to the payouts, had all results been the same but Spurs had won that game, Betfred would’ve been paying out £33,569 on winning accumulators. Not a sum to be sneezed at, but not quite the dream life changing sum of £156,659.

So why was week 10 such a potential jackpot?

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Roberto Martinez

Well firstly five of the ten games resulted in draws, which all punters know are the hardest to get right and guarantee a price of at least 2/1. But of these draws, four of the five games had an odds on favourite pushing the prices up to as much as 3/1. So well done to Swansea, West Ham and Newcastle in particular for boosting the prize money.

Aston Villa getting a valuable three points away at Sunderland were a great priced 3/1, given that Sunderland only have one man who has scored a goal for them this season.

And despite Man Utd winning at home, they were a generous 4/6 given they had a potentially tricky encounter against the unpredictable Arsenal who could’ve caused them more problems than they did.

Still can’t beat the bookies

You may think that the bookies would be crying at such a huge payout available. In reality the opposite is true, the punters have lost again.

The more shocking the result, the happier the bookies are as hardly any people will have bet on it. All the money the punters staked on the favourites is lost. The bookies are happy to payout 6/1 on Wigan as for every pound staked on the Latics that won, there will have been 20, 30, 40 or 100 pounds on Tottenham that lost.

Of the ten games only two results were at odds on so for the other eight you would double, treble or even times seven your money. It sounds good but if no-one has picked these teams then no-one has won. Countless bets have lost as accumulators are generally made up of odds on teams.

So well done to any lucky punter that did beat the bookie and called the ten games correctly, your mates laughing at your selections in the pub don’t feel so smug now.

Heres a chart showing what the bookies were paying on a winning accumulator on last week’s results, although in reality they probably aren’t paying out anything on such a strange set of results.
Payouts for a £1 accumulator on correct Premier League results

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Good luck to all!